Over the last four decades, Jones Motor Purr Co., Inc. with it’s reputation for high ethical standards and excellence in service, has established itself as one of the leading automotive additive companies in the United States.  Jones Motor Purr Co. is a thriving business with more than fifty-thousand outlets across the United States and over-seas.

For leaks within your vehicle’s head gaskets, engine blocks or cylinder head consider Motor Purr Metallic Seal Up.

If you’re looking to avoid taking more trips to the gas station, our Gas & Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner.

Increase your engine’s lifespan and performance by using our Motor Purr Motor Oil Stabilizer.

For that extra protection needed in four cylinder and high performance engines, Motor Purr Heavy Duty Motor Oil Stabilizer has you covered.

If you are having issues with leaks or the automatic transmission in your vehicle, perhaps Motor Purr Tune Up is what you need.

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