A Competitor Tests Our Oil Stabilizer

Motor Purr’s Oil Stabilizer ranked in second (2nd) overall position in a comprehensive “Four Ball EP Wear” test to determine, among other benefits, an oil stabilizer’s ability to protect metal surfaces against friction and wear. In the test, Bell Performance Inc., the oldest fuel additive company in the United States, compared nine (9) of the leading aftermarket oil additive products, of which Motor Purr Oil Stabilizer was named as one. The test list includes:

*Motor Purr Oil Stabilizer
*Greased Lightening
*Hy-per Lube
*Lucas Oil Stabilizer
*Prolong Engine Treatment
*Slick 50 Engine Treatment
*STP Oil Treatment
*Z-Max Friction Reducer
*X-tra Lube

The “Four Ball EP Wear” test is designed to document a lubricant’s load-bearing capacity at increasing loads over a period of time. The test gives a number of important data points which illustrate this: Load Wear Index, Last Seizure Load, Last Non-Seizure Load, Scar Diameter, and Weld Point.

A copy of the full report can be found at the link below.

4 Ball Wear Test Results

It should be noted that the report overstates by 2X the cost of a Motor Purr Oil Stabilizer treatment, and thus the report is highlighted to reflect that mistake. The average retail cost of Motor Purr Oil Stabilizer is $10, not $20.