Over the last five decades, Jones Motor Purr Inc. has established itself as one of the leading automotive additive companies in the United States. With its reputation for high ethical standards and excellence in service, Jones Motor Purr strives to keep up with the changing needs of the automotive aftermarket consumer and to make its products available across the entire United States and overseas as well.

As a leader among automotive additive companies, Jones Motor Purr has experienced consistent growth since its beginning in 1967. Despite periodic fluctuations in the economy during the last 20 years, the automotive aftermarket has experienced steady growth. Jones Motor Purr had kept pace with this robust sector on an annual basis.

As new car prices continue their upward trend and uncertain economic conditions force many Americans to keep their cars for longer periods of time, the necessity of automotive maintenance has grown dramatically. In addition, the use of lighter-weight materials in manufacturing has greatly reduced the durability of automotive parts while the costs to repair automobiles has increased. Additionally, the increasing disappearance of corner garages and full-service gas stations has created an increased need for automobile owners to personally purchase automobile additives.

Since the time it was established, Jones Motor Purr has continually updated its product line to meet the needs created by this automotive consumer revolution. Motor Purr additives help provide car drivers with their own expertise in the upkeep and maintenance of their cars–promptly, economically, and dependable.