Leaks within your vehicle’s head gaskets, engine blocks or cylinder head can cause trouble. That’s why we developed our Motor Purr Metallic Seal Up. Not only is our special formula guaranteed to stop all leaks permanently, but it is also the only metallic sealer in the world that mixes with all types of anti-freeze.*

In just a few simple steps, our product will seal up radiator, freeze plug and heater core leaks in 10 minutes (head gasket, engine block and cylinder head leaks are sealed in 10 driving miles). Not only does it do the job, but it can also remain safely in the cooling system for future protection.

*Other seal up products containing sodium silicate, or “liquid glass,” are NOT compatible with ethylene glycol (the main ingredient in anti-freeze); mixing these two chemicals can plug up your cooling system.

For best results: with the engine of your vehicle cold and turned off, remove the radiator cap. Start the engine and pour one bottle of Motor Purr Metallic Seal Up directly into the radiator.

Where there is no radiator cap on the radiator, remove one end of the upper radiator hose and pour directy into the hose.

Allow the engine to idle above 1500 r.p.m. until the engine comes to normal operating temperature or drive the vehicle for 10 miles.

For head gasket, engine block and cylinder head leaks, idle the engine for 30 minutes, then drive for 10 miles.