Increase your engine’s lifespan and performance by using our Motor Purr Motor Oil Stabilizer. This special product is a premium, 100% petroleum-based, full formulated oil stabilizer that decreases harmful friction and engine wear, while increasing oil pressure and compression.

Motor Purr Motor Oil Stabilizer is many times thicker than regular motor oil and provides a layer of protection several times greater than standard motor oil. This product mixes well with all conventional and synthetic motor oils without settling or separation. This greater oil viscosity helps improve oil pressure, increase engine compression and improve gas mileage.

This product coats the internal parts of the engine and does not all go back to the oil pan. That’s why the oil level on the oil dip stick will not increase on the dip stick. This protective layer protects the engine against friction, improving gas mileage while reducing exhaust emissions.

Add one bottle (16 fluid ounces) slowly to a warm idling engine with every oil change or when oil is needed between oil changes (add to a full crankcase to stop piston slap in 20 minutes).