“My dad was a mechanic and I’m an ASE Master Mechanic. We’ve used Jones Motor Purr products for over 35+ years! Great line of products!
We use the Oil Stabilizer with almost every oil change we do. My customers have very little engine failures due to this. Some of my cars have over 200K miles on them! The Metallic Seal Up is a miracle worker when sealing head gaskets. Once had our Toyota truck 22RE stay running for 3 years on the Motor Purr Seal Up! The Fuel Injector Cleaner is second to none! The Tune Up has lots of uses, from softening and sealing hardened seals on the transmissions to cleaning the sludge inside the engine. Excellent line of products.”

– Juan Macias ASE MASTER TECHNICIAN, OWNER of Macias Auto Repair, Harbor City, California.

“We have used Jones Motor Purr Tune-Up and Injector Cleaner at our car repair business for 20+ years. We had tried all kinds of cleaners and machines before a salesman came to the garage and sold us the Motor Purr products. They work better than anything else we ever tried. My husband, John, is an ASE Master Mechanic with 40+ years working as an auto mechanic. We started Paceley’s Garage in 1990.”

– Margaret Paceley, Paceleys Garage Decatur, IL

“Did a miracle on my SUV that had a busted head gasket! Awesome product!
Brian Snodgrass at S&S Repair in Hemphill, TX told me the engine was doomed for the head gasket was blown, had water in the oil and would be a good $3k repair. The car had 180k miles on it so I was thinking it was not worth the repair cost. Brian called me back and told be about this “product” we could try and wouldn’t cost much at all. He called me back 5 days later and said come get your car. He did the METALLIC SEAL UP product just as it was instructed. Then drove the car for 4 more days to really test it and make sure it was going to hold. It did! I drove that car another year! Then sold it to someone else that drives it to this day! So impressed and thankful!”

– Chris F., Lufkin, TX

“I drive a 2005 Jeep Rubicon with the 4.0. I don’t need to tell you how notorious they are for rear main leaks.  It has about 150,000 miles and my rear main started to leak and also started to use some engine oil.
I thought I would have to do some major repairs. Found about your products and added a bottle of Motor Purr Tune Up to my crankcase. Let me say to you, I was shocked. Not only did my leak stop, but my Jeep used less motor oil for about 20,000 miles. Thank you.”

–  Jed Robert Wright, St. George, UT

I want to say you make an incredible product. Just today I was working on a 2012 Chevy 1500 4×4. I was driving it to get it ready for inspection (we had just replaced the cam). About 10 miles in the transmission started to shift very, very hard from 1st to 2nd. I checked the fluid level assuming it must be low but it wasn’t. It would shift hard no matter how gently you increased speed–so hard it shook the truck. I pulled it inside and poured a bottle of Tune Up into the transmission and it hasn’t even hiccupped once since then. Tune up is as close to magic as it gets. I do not know what you make it out of but its applications are so varied. You wouldn’t think one product could do all that.

– Dillion Faircloth, DJ’s Automotive Center, Kernersville, NC