"My dad was a mechanic and I'm an ASE Master Mechanic. We've used Jones Motor Purr products for over 35+ years! Great line of products!
We use the Oil Stabilizer with almost every oil change we do. My customers have very little engine failures due to this. Some of my cars have over 200K miles on them! The Metallic Seal Up is a miracle worker when sealing head gaskets. Once had our Toyota truck 22RE stay running for 3 years on the Motor Purr Seal Up! The Fuel Injector Cleaner is second to none! The Tune Up has lots of uses, from softening and sealing hardened seals on the transmissions to cleaning the sludge inside the engine. Excellent line of products."

Juan Macias ASE MASTER TECHNICIAN, OWNER of Macias Auto Repair, Harbor City, California.

"I drive a 2005 Jeep Rubicon with the 4.0. I don't need to tell you how notorious they are for rear main leaks.  It has about 150,000 miles and my rear main started to leak and also started to use some engine oil.
I thought I would have to do some major repairs. Found about your products and added a bottle of Motor Purr Tune Up to my crankcase. Let me say to you, I was shocked. Not only did my leak stop, but my Jeep used less motor oil for about 20,000 miles. Thank you."

Jed Robert Wright, St. George, UT

More testimonials coming soon.